I was walking in the kingdom when the paper caught by eye

Four and twenty black birds were scheduled to die

I thought it very strange and so I asked somebody why

They said the King was hungry and he wanted him some pie


The birds were in the forest happily singing out their song

When a hired henchmen of the evil King did come along

He waited right until a perfect moment did arise

He snuck up on the birds and they he caught them by surprise


But the henchmen was sighing

For the birds started crying

And he felt just like dying

For his crime, for his crime


The henchmen had composed himself and brought them to the King

His heiness was delighted and he called the baker in

He fired the oven up and started rolling out the dough

But didn't realize the oven setting was too low


The baker was excited as he heard the timer ring

He hurried as he set his dainty dish before the King

But much too his surprise when he had cut it with his knife

The four and twenty birds had sent him running for his life


For the birds started singing

And the hell they were bringing

Sent the King's eyes to stinging

My oh my, watch them fly


And the Kingdom was crying

For the King wound up dying

And in state he was lying

Why oh why was their cry


Next day in the Kingdom I had heard the King was dead

I saw the four and twenty culprits flying over head

I stopped the baker and the henchmen as they wandered by

The time was four and twenty so we started getting high



4 & 20